about the author

pic11Sabina DeVita Ed.D., D.N.M., graduated as a pioneer in her doctoral work in the understanding of Body, Mind, and Spirit in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto in 1986 with a specialty in ecological sensitivities.She began her private practice prior to graduating in Applied Psychology, Counseling as a Holistic Energy Psychologist-Psychotherapist.

Emotional Freedom Face-Life

Emotional Freedom Face-Lift offers a most unique, refreshing approach to our fast-paced, stressed-out lives. Dr. DeVita offers countless insights gained through her numerous years of clinical practice using essential oils with energy psychology procedures. Her teaching and her love of integrating many outstanding energy medicine techniques makes this book a ready tool for anyone who wants emotional freedom quickly and easily along with feeling rejuvenated and energized.The book takes the reader on a journey from the quantum physics world to ancient principles of healing the body/mind. Her desire is to assist the reader during this time period of the Great Plan┬Četary Shift of 2012. She incorporates the Mayans and Hopis’ messages along with other current scientists for our consciousness evolvement, making this book an intriguing guide.